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Located in Foley, Alabama

Keeping Earth Healthy Too

Our planet provides us with soil, water, and other natural resources we need to grow food and create useful products for health and beauty. In the pursuit of healthy eating, don’t forget to keep the earth healthy too. 

The best way to keep Earth healthy is to buy from your local farmer’s market. Food and products there have fewer or no harmful chemicals because they were grown locally. Food traveling a long way to get to your table has chemicals added to it to keep it fresh. It also has to be packaged to protect it along the way. All the extra packaging ends up in landfills emitting chemicals that pollute the soil and eventually water as it slowly decomposes. Traveling long distances increases foods’ chances of being contaminated along the way. 

Vendors at local markets can answer any questions you have about how a food was grown and how animals and seafood were raised. This is true of handcrafted and homemade products too. Craftsmen and women can tell you what materials and ingredients are in their products. 

The Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermen's Market celebrates Earth Day every Tuesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. by offering a variety of items that will keep the earth healthy. 


-Liz tetley-


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